Dumpster Dr is a project inspired by an alternative strategy for living called 'Freeganism'.

An anti-consumerist movement and action against the waste of resources. As a dumpster is a place where freegans meet and act with the food wasted, this project aims to explore the possibility in finding food within the dumpster and to create a stronger freegan community using the physical computing to invent a tool that can be able to provide information for freegan community. 


This project I also working with ‘Particle’ as a tool to create a Beacon technology using APIs data from the tool then notify status inside the bin and published on the webapp.    

The diagram shows how is the Dumpster Dr work 

I design to use beacon to get the attention from all freegan network. My aim is to develop the beacon system inside the dumpster including food detection and amount of waste inside it and transfer this information to get attention from Freegan network.

Exhibit the project at 


September 7 - 11


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